Problem gambling is often called the 'hidden addiction', due to the fact that symptoms can go undetected for a long time. The disorder, however, can affect nearly anyone, regardless of position, education or income. The good news? There is hope and help for anyone struggling with a gambling problem. Whether you're trying to help a spouse, child, friend or coworker, seeking professional treatment can make all the difference.
Your spouse or significant other is the center of your life. If he or she is affected by problem gambling, the emotional toll can be overwhelming. Don't bear the burden alone. Our free, confidential resources are designed to help you reclaim your lives. Learn more.
Few relationships are as sacred as those between a parent and child. If your relationship with your parent is affected by problem gambling, where can you turn? Free, confidential resources can help you and your parents find healing and hope. Learn more.
Relationships may come and go, but family is forever. So how do you cope when a sibling, cousin or grandparent is affected by problem gambling? Our free, confidential resources are designed to help you and your family through these troubled times. Learn more.
The bonds of friendship are strong and long-lasting. Yet, it is this dynamic that can make coping with a close friend's problem gambling all the more difficult. If problem gambling is putting your friendship at risk, confidential help is available. Learn more.
Co-workers and employers are often more than just colleagues. They're mentors, confidants, teammates and friends. If you suspect someone in the workplace is suffering from problem gambling, what can you do? Our free, confidential resources can help. Learn more.